Vernon Green meets with North Stafford Rotary Club

Moving & Shaking!

From The Free-Lance Star

ROTARY CLUB: Veteran, business owner addresses group


The North Stafford Rotary Club was fortunate to have Vernon Green at its meeting to explain his GCubed Inc., Community Services and how it helps our community. Green began his company by speaking to youngsters at his children’s school. He taught them to be respectful to their superiors and to take responsibility for their decisions. He describes his businesses as being “small but mighty.” Just as successful personal relationships are built on trust and transparency, Green uses that as a guideline in his dealings with his clients. He also follows the seven core values of the Army in order to be a role model for the children and teens he helps. He specializes in keeping people and businesses securely connected.



Rene’ Laws, Rotary president, center, is pictured with Green and Tiffany Gourdine.