GCubed has a reputation for developing and implementing strategies for managing security risks in the context of our customer’s mission.  Our services include IA support, risk and vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, information systems continuous monitoring, and automated compliance and reporting. We provide our customers expert guidance in cybersecurity strategy and enterprise architecture to tie business needs to technology investments.

Our Experience:

GCubed provides Cyber Operations Experimentation to provide recommendations for implementation of new cyber technologies and systems to implement in the CAA enterprise. GCubed, supports CAA wargame efforts for Modeling and Simulations which includes simulating Cyber Operations and their effects on the modern warfighting environment.

GCubed provides support for CAA Cyber Security Support Services. We are currently implementing RMF 2.0 processes and assist and track Assessment and Authorizations in eMASS for JWICS, NIPR, SIPR, and CENTRAXs. We support Cyber Security Engineer Services, including the development of all IA/IS planning to document and enforce internal and external security standards for all environmental technologies. We worked with CAA to implement the Trusted Thin Client and Trusted Gateway System solutions to address their multilevel cross-domain access and transfer needs. We assist CAA into defining network security controls, implementation of STIGs, Communications Security (COMSEC) equipment (TacLanes, KSV-21 cards and Crypto re-keying devices). We provide COOP and disaster recovery of all systems and current environments.

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