We understand the critical importance of always-up network support for our customers. We provide 24x7x365 network and security management in both traditional and managed service models as well as VIP and end user support services. 

We provide business process re-engineering and optimization services that creates the foundation necessary to take advantage of automation and orchestration capabilities. GCubed provides SMEs for integrating mission systems, business systems, commercial information technology products and other networks into the enterprise. Our network experts design and document future network architecture plans which serve as a blueprint to standardize network capabilities and integrate them into the enterprise.

Our Experience:

GCubed continually evaluates Center for Army Analysis’s networks including two internal UNET and secret network (SNET)), and four externally managed networks (unclassified (NIPR), classified (SIPR), Combined Enterprise Regional Exchange System (CENTRIXS-SWA), and JWICS. GCubed staff analyzes the network architecture utilizing metrics available from the Government provided network management tools to identify modifications required to maintain optimum efficiency. GCubed ensures communications links are operational for NIPRNET, SIPRNET, JWICS, and CENTRIXS Internet along with web access. GCubed coordinates with central help desks of the Belvoir Enterprise Network Center (NEC), GISA, and PACOM to resolve communication link issues for networks and satellite communication systems.

Program & Risk Management

Program & Risk Management