Technology transformation succeeds when it is logical, cost-effective, and sustainable. We provide our customers expert guidance in enterprise architecture to tie business needs to technology investments. By applying a data-driven approach to technology roadmap development we maximize return on existing investments in parallel with designing a path for technology transformation. 

At GCubed, we believe innovation is the spark to achieve transformation.  GCubed applies expertise in the latest technologies to accelerate digital modernization. We create solutions and strategies that assist customers, delivering breakthrough innovation and transformative outcomes.

GCubed’s SMEs deliver projects to consolidate the customer’s previous collection of standalone, unit-specific architectures into a single, centrally managed enterprise network that enhances security, reduces costs, and improves standardization.

Our Experience:

GCubed and CAA are currently collaborating with AFC to align CAA mission and doctrine with future commands in modernizing the way the Army does business, explore, develop, and test new methods, organization, and technologies.