Meet Our Summer 2019 Interns

Since GCubed’s start in 2014, interns have had the opportunity to learn from experts in their chosen fields and work hands-on in the corporate environment. GCubed intern success stories are many; from supporting the corporate office’s IT needs and advancing to a position on a contract team, to assisting the finance department and developing the skills required to move on to the role of payroll specialist. Our youngest intern helps with volunteer coordination and community efforts, and is pursuing a college major in public service this coming fall.

Meet the newest group of interns to work alongside our team!

Johnnie Walker III

  • Sophomore at Virginia Military Institute. Business and Economics (Major) Leadership Science (Minor)
  • VMI Leadership Development and Cultural Indoctrination Program
  • Army ROTC National Scholarship Winner
  • NCAA Division I Indoor Track and Field Team Captain for the 4x400m relay team
  • Silver medalist (2nd place) in Southern Conference (SoCon)
  • SoCon Male Track and Field Athlete of the Week
  • Day Stock Trader

Daniel Torres

  • Northern Virginia Community College – IT Volunteer
  • Game programming at Future Kings Northern Virginia Community College (NVCC)
  • Competed at the 2018 Cyber Patriots Competition at the national level
  • 2016, 2017, and 2018 NVCC hackathon
  • Founder of North Stafford High School Cyber Security Club
  • Northern Virginia Community College All Cyber Club
  • Certified Ethical Hacker

Nathan Hale

  • Applied as an intern to find a position working with a federal government agency in information security and intelligence
  • Game designer
  • Pursuing a bachelor’s degree in information security and intelligence at Ferris State University
  • 3.22 GPA


Jordan Williams

  • Plans to utilize the experience gained to become a long-term asset to GCubed
  • Western Governor’s University – BS Business Management, plans to finish MBA in 2020
  • CompTIA Security+ CE Certification
  • Enjoys reading, traveling, and learning


Alexander Lindgren

  • Working to increase knowledge & training in the computer science industry and increase earnings through professional experience
  • Pursuing a bachelor’s degree in computer science
  • Ranked top 25 in the Cyber Patriot National Competition
  • 3.5 GPA

GCubed Wins Top Small Business Honor 

GCubed is pleased to announce its first-place award in the Small Business category as the Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce Good Business of the Year. The government contractor,who just celebrated five years in business, stood out among 23 finalists to claim the honor. Small businesses are defined as having 100 or less employees in the Greater Washington Region. CEO Vernon Green Jr., COO Wendy Maurer, and corporate team members attended the June 7 ceremony in Tysons Corner, VA.

Mr. Green said, “When your focus is on community and you surround yourself with diverse people who have that same desire to improve; same drive to excel; same passion for people and focus on community; great things will happen! We were honored to be considered, and to win. Considering all of the incredible support that so many companies are providing to our community, this was an awesome experience that the GCubed Team will not forget! Thank you to the Chamber and all the tremendous companies in the Northern Virginia Region. We look forward to working with you all in the future.”

The honor is particularly meaningful, as GCubed took home third-place in the same category last year. The Good Business Awards honor and celebrate the leadership of individuals, businesses, and nonprofits that serve as powerful champions for good in the Greater Washington Region.

Click here for more information on the Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce.





GCubed Endorses Qasim Rashid for Virginia Senate

Vernon Green Jr. & Qasim Rashid

From GCubed Founder & CEO Vernon Green Jr.:

I do not consider myself to be a Republican or a Democrat. As someone who grew up benefiting from social programs, I understand the need for such programs. As a business owner growing a successful company here in Stafford, I can also see issues from the other side.

What is important to me is that we have passionate and educated elected civil servants who actually govern, as opposed to digging in along party lines. We have enough of that going on right up the street in Washington. When I realized that candidates in our county were campaigning on smear allegations centered against the Islamic faith and electability due to race—with no proof supporting the claims—I knew I needed to act. I am sharing with you what I believe our county and state needs for success.

The truth is, our government needs an infusion of diversity that reflects the demographics of our county, our state, and our country. We need people who can communicate the challenges we face and fight for the resources we need to improve our communities. We have enough anger and religious and ethnic bias already pushed through politics. I cannot support anyone who uses these tactics for personal or political gain!

I am a military transplant to this area and Stafford, VA is now my home. Being active in the forums that impact our way of life is a requirement for me. Just as I spent 20 years in the Army fighting for freedom around the world, it is imperative that I exercise my own freedom here at home. I will do so come June 11th, 2019.

As someone who cares about and is active in the betterment of our community, I proudly support and endorse Qasim Rashid for Virginia Senate, 28th District. I have had the pleasure to sit down with him and discuss the issues; he represents the level headed, critical thinking skills we need to represent us in Richmond. His character and beliefs align with the values we need in leadership. I humbly request that you vote in this primary to elect him as the Democratic candidate, and in November to elect him as our next 28th District Senator.


GCubed Nominated for Greater Washington Good Business Awards!

We’re pleased to announce our nomination for 2019’s Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce Greater Washington Good Business Awards! These awards honor and celebrate the leadership of individuals, businesses, and nonprofits that serve as powerful champions for good in our community.

Formerly the Outstanding Corporate Citizenship Awards,  The Greater Washington Good Business Awards is the Northern Virginia Chamber’s premier event of the year, bringing together more than 600 business and community leaders from across the Greater Washington region.

Our team will be in attendance at the June 7 award ceremony in Tysons Corner.

GCubed’s 5th Anniversary

Celebrating 5 Years of Success

A big thank you to all of our supporters and business partners who have played a role in our first 5 years in business. We look forward to many fantastic years ahead!

CAA contract employees – Cathy DeStefano & Shaunda Jones
Kelly Flynn (Finance Manager), Wendy Maurer (COO), Mrs. Green
Vernon Green Jr. (Founder & CEO), Wendy Maurer
Vernon Green & Kaniz Hussain (CAA contract employee)
The Green Family