Business Development 101 – GCubed’s First Small Business Course

As a small (but rapidly expanding!) business, we believe it is imperative to lift up our fellow small business owners and entrepreneurs. Building a community in which every member thrives and succeeds not only strengthens the local economy here in Stafford, but also encourages more people to take the leap and follow their dreams.

Our first small business course, Business Development 101, was attended by six local entrepreneurs in search of the “road map” – the path to success that is often filled with long hours and sleepless nights, and powered by the desire to create a lasting impact and change lives. Our team of experts here at the corporate office covered strategic planning, opportunity identification & qualification, finance, recruiting, and HR regulations. 

We look forward to offering more courses and building up our local businesses.

GCubed is Relocating!

We are excited to announce that we are moving to Stafford in October! Our new office features more space and exciting resources – essentials as we continue to hire new employees and take on new clients.

We are grateful for the many opportunities the Fredericksburg business community has given us, and are eager to make new partnerships in Stafford. 

Stay tuned for details on our Open House taking place later in October!