Meet Will Smith – Desktop Technician on GCubed’s USAASC Contract

Q: What are your roles & responsibilities at GCubed?
A: I manage and maintain all hardware and software used by USAASC (U.S. Army Acquisition Support Center), including iPhones, VTC units, desk phones, desktops, and laptops. In addition, I have a large role in change management and provide input in upgrades across the organization.

Q: What brought you to GCubed?
I contacted Mr. Green through a friend just after graduating from college and was taken on as an intern. I spent half my time at the corporate office researching federal contracting requirements and designing implementations, in between standard intern work like organizing and doing inventory; the other half was spent at CAA (Center for Army Analysis) learning the culture and environment associated with being a contractor at a government facility.

After two months I was brought on full time and worked as a desktop technician at CAA. After a year of mastering the responsibilities associated with working on desktop machines, I was transferred to USAASC and took on the additional roles listed above.

Q: Where did you grow up?
A: I was born in Fort Belvoir, but I grew up in Stafford, VA.

Q: What do you enjoy doing outside the office?
A: During the warmer months, I enjoy meditating and walking through the parks near my apartment. Throughout the year, I tend to read philosophy literature, watch artsy movies, and play board games with loved ones.

Q: Most challenging part of the job?
A: Issues requiring an immediate solution.

Q: Most rewarding part of the job?
A: I love the feeling of solving a novel problem and everything working afterwards.