Vernon Green Jr. Endorses Sheriff D.P. Decatur for Reelection as Stafford County Sheriff

I have taken the time to get to know the man behind the Sheriff’s badge, Mr. David Decatur. He is a man of immense vision, great character, strong integrity, and a superb sense of humor. He has heart and believes in working together, which has won the respect and admiration of many in the community that transcends party and racial lines.  As a visionary, I respect his philosophy towards leadership, his focus on community outreach, and the compassion he has for every citizen of Stafford County.

Sheriff Decatur is a value-based leader who has made community partnerships one of his priorities during his first term as Sheriff.  In collaboration with the Stafford County School Board and Board of Supervisors, he authorized the formation of the School Safety Task Force to examine current safety and security practices and procedures used by Stafford Schools and to look for opportunities for improvement. 

The opioid crisis has also been at the forefront of concern for Sheriff Decatur.  Thanks to Sheriff Decatur’s efforts all deputies have been trained in the use of Narcan and now carry it to neutralize heroin/opiate overdoses in Victims resulting in saving close to 100 lives since 2016.  Prevention, education and awareness programs continue to be a focus for Sheriff Decatur.

Sheriff Decatur also continues to make Traffic Safety a priority.  His efforts to enhance speed awareness, occupant protection and eradicate impaired driving have been recognized at the state level in recent years.

For the past four years Sheriff Decatur has led the Stafford County Sheriff’s office with distinction, professionalism and fairness. It is without hesitation that I proudly announce my sincere endorsement for my friend, Sheriff David P. Decatur for reelection as Stafford County Sheriff on November 5th. As part of my support I will be hosting a Fundraising Social in his honor on Thursday, September 12 from 6 to 9pm at the Potomac Point Winery & Vineyard. Please RSVP at for more information about tickets and sponsorship packages.

Let’s help him continue his leadership by supporting his reelection bid financially and by voting for him on Nov. 5th!

Vernon Green Jr.
Founder & CEO, GCubed, Inc.